Virtual Visits for Sports Rehab

Tap into our brains…VIRTUALLY!

Feel great today!


Why try a virtual visit with true sport care doctors?

Although we do have patient travel from far and wide, for your convenience we can offer a virtual consult to ease the burden of travel.

Perform Better and feel great

Reduce Pain

When our home exercises are performed as prescribed, a reduction in pain is typically felt within the first 5 days!

Improve Performance

With imperceivable weaknesses, athletes cannot reach their peak potential.  When we restore balance and symmetry to the athlete, their potential is unlocked.

Increase Range of Motion

Tightness only occurs when there are imbalances in the body.  We are not designed to be tight by default.  When imbalances are corrected, elasticity and subsequently range of motion returns.

Be Prepared

What to expect from a virtual visit

Any online platform can be utilized to perform the virtual movement analysis.

Comfortable clothing must be worn as you’ll be performing an instructed movement screen.

A fair amount of space is required as well as a webcam that can capture your entire body as it moves.

happy Athletes Speak

Whatever issue pops up, and they do from time to time, I know that a visit to True Sport Care is going to help. It doesn’t mater which Dr. you schedule with as they are all highly skilled. I have been treated by Drs. Hope, Mark, and Dan over the last 10 years. True Sports is a very different practice. Do yourself a favor and book an appointment. Their goal is always to have you feeling 50-70% better in 5 visits or less. They have always met that goal in my case. I can’t say enough how grateful I am that a friend had recommended True Sport Care to me!
-Donna L.

3 Easy steps

To Feeling, Performing and Functioning at Your Best


Schedule an Appointment

Schedule your first appointment to receive a thorough evaluation of your issue and your first treatment.

Step 2

Customized Plan

You’ll have the doctors undivided attention for the duration of your session. You will receive a combination of soft tissue work, joint mobilization and athlete-specific therapeutic exercises.

Step 3


Quickly get out of pain, recover from injuries and get back in the game. We will help you gain an athletic edge and always perform and feel at your best.