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Olympic-Level Chiropractic care in Smithtown/ St James / Nesconset

Trusted by Olympic gold medalists, our facility is approved for Olympic contenders and employs unique approaches with unparalleled expertise. After earning numerous certifications and mastering advanced techniques, Dr. Marc was one of only two chiropractors selected for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia.

Our clinic’s exceptional care and results-driven approach set us apart from all other chiropractors on Long Island and beyond.  Since 2004, True Sport Care has helped over 6,000 patients achieve peak performance and recover from injuries, using the same techniques perfected at the Olympic level. If you want to be treated like an Olympian, True Sport Care is for you.

Benefits of Chiropractic Care

Relieve Pain/Increase Range of Motion

Pain can come from joint restriction which limits motion.  We mobilize the joint to reduce this restriction and pain instantly decreases when the joint moves freely.  

Reduce Tightness

Muscles will tighten to protect against further joint injury.  When a joint is mobilized, the muscles immediately loosen their grip on the joint and the tightness or restriction improves.

Stimulate Body Awareness

The technical term for “body awareness” is Proprioception.  When joints are mobilized they become hyper-aware.  Athletes report feeling “centered’ or “grounded” following their joint work and many call getting adjusted their “secret weapon” when it comes to competition. 

Smithtown Sports Chiropractic

Our passion as chiropractors and therapists is to help our patients stay pain-free and perform at their best. Unlike other practices, our chiropractors in the Smithtown area of N.Y. use the entirety of the kinetic chain to fix any muscle imbalances that contribute to your current injury or condition. We treat injuries and other issues, help you get out of pain, and prevent injuries. Get back in the game with the best chiropractic clinic right by your side.

Relieve pain fast

Return to competition sooner

Gain a performance edge

Stay strong and injury free

All major insurances accepted

Undivided doctor’s attention for the duration of your 30 or 60 minute session

Our Certifications

Certified Sports Chiropractors in SMithtown

DACBSP – Dr. Hope and Dr. Marc hold certificates as Diplomates OF THE AMERICAN CHIROPRACTIC BOARD OF SPORTS PHYSICIANS. This is the highest level of knowledge a doctor can obtain in their post-doctorate sub-speciality. 

CCSP – Dr. Dan holds a diplomate in Rehabilitation and a CCSP (Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician.) 

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Quickly get out of pain, recover from injuries and get back in the game. We will help you gain an athletic edge and always perform and feel at your best.