About True Sport Care

We help you fix your body fast and get back in the game. 

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Who We ArE

Nesconset Chiropractors and Sport Therapists

We are a group of aging athletes who had to figure out a better way to rehab.  Frustrated with conventional approaches, frustrated with failed surgeries, we studied and practiced and practiced and studied until we got it right.  Our system is markedly different from most other facilities.  We spend more time.  We DON’T jump room to room.  We DON’T simply use heat and steam and walk away.  Your time is valuable and we are ALWAYS conscious of this fact.

Our 3-Visit Promise

If we cannot figure out your discomfort in 3 visits, we will refer you out to someone else.  


The True Sport Care Facility

Conveniently located on Lake avenue between rte 347 and 25 in Nesconset, True Sport Care receives patients from much of Long Island.  The modern, industrial facility impresses upon entering.  At first glance you’ll see the “wall of fame,” which represents the successful athlete stories that are retold daily.  People have called us OCD due to the cleanliness of the clinic.  

Founder Message – We have practiced the same way since we opened the doors back in 2004. Over 6000!  Fix bodies fast and get back in the game!

Olympic Connection

From Dr. Marc’s work at the Olympic Training Centers and subsequently his selection to the medical staff for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, True Sport Care is on a very small list of approved facilities for any developmental or established Olympic hopefuls.  You can rest assured that your experience at True Sport Care will be the same as the professionals and gold medalists that have passed through our doors.

3 Easy steps

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Step 2

Customized Plan

You’ll have the doctors undivided attention for the duration of your session. You will receive a combination of soft tissue work, joint mobilization and athlete-specific therapeutic exercises.

Step 3


Quickly get out of pain, recover from injuries and get back in the game. We will help you gain an athletic edge and always perform and feel at your best.