Normatec Recovery Boots

A device used for faster recovery

Boost Performance at a low cost

This device should be a part of every serious athletes “Active Recovery” strategy. With sequential compression of the upper or lower extremity distally to proximally, stagnant deoxygenated tissue is milked out of the tissue while the arteriole profusion of healthy oxygenated blood permeates the tissue to speed recovery, decrease muscular fatigue and soreness.

Who should use Normatec Recovery boots?

  • Do you want to train hard two days in a row?
  • Do you have significant soreness which is hindering your performance?
  • Do you typically have more than a day or two of significant soreness following a work out?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should check out NormaTec Compression Therapy at True Sport Care. At $1 per minute, it is an inexpensive way to boost your performance.

Here are the organizations that use NormaTec Compression Therapy as part of their standard protocols.

  • USOC
  • NBA
  • NFL
  • MLS

Don’t waste another minute underperforming. Get your SQUEEZE on today at True Sport care in Smithtown!

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