Assisted Stretching and Soft Tissue Work in Smithtown

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Why choose soft tissue work?

Olympic-Level Assisted Stretching and Soft Tissue Care in Smithtown/ St James / Nesconset

In the world of injury prevention and rehabilitation, soft tissue work is invaluable.  If you suffer from pain, weakness, or tightness in any area of your body, soft tissue work is for you!

Benefits of Soft Tissue Work

Reduce Pain

Tight muscles are achy muscles.  Trigger points are exquisitely painful structures that reside within these tight muscles.  Soft tissue work addresses these components and reduces pain quickly!

Increase Range of Motion

If you feel tightness, you likely have a decreased range of motion caused by the tightness.  After just one session of our soft tissue work you should notice considerably less tightness and more motion.

Decrease tightness/stiffness

Muscle tightness is a precursor to tendonosis, tendonitis, bursitis, muscle tears and many other injuries. Treat the tightness today to improve your athletic performance, feel better and prevent injuries.

soft tissue Work and Assisted Stretching

Assisted stretching and soft tissue work are vital parts of performing at your peak. Keeping each muscle flexible and ready to engage at the needed moment allows you to maintain suburb agility and speed while preventing injury. Our chiropractic clinic knows exactly how to provide the perfect soft tissue work and assisted stretching techniques. This ensures that you are ready to achieve your best and stay injury free so that you can strengthen and protect, season after season.

Relieve pain fast

Return to competition sooner

Gain a performance edge

Stay strong and injury free

All major insurances accepted

Undivided doctor’s attention for the duration of your 30 or 60 minute session

Soft Tissue Techniques

Active Release Technique (ART)

A system that uses a “pin and stretch” approach to address soft tissue restrictions.  It is a favorite of athletes and is one of the most effective tools of our docs.  

Assisted Stretching

Getting professionally stretched by one of our docs is quite possibly one of the greatest feelings any athlete can experience.  It is virtually impossible to achieve this on your own.


Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization.  This has many names including Graston, Gua Sha, FAKTR, Decompressive Myofascial Release (Cupping).  We employ just about every IASTM technique for releasing tight structures.

happy Athletes Speak

Marc, with you at the Olympic Training Center leading up to the World Cup Supercross race at Chula Vista, you were the only person who could release the tightness in my glute. To this day I’m so thankful for all the pain you put me through lol! Thanks again for your support 🙂
-Amanda Carr

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You’ll have the doctors undivided attention for the duration of your session. You will receive a combination of soft tissue work, joint mobilization and athlete-specific therapeutic exercises.

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Quickly get out of pain, recover from injuries and get back in the game. We will help you gain an athletic edge and always perform and feel at your best.