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Sports Rehab Beyond Traditional Physical Therapy

The term “physical therapy” often has a very loose meaning for the average person because it can seem to encompass so many different methods for treating issues with the body. Conventional physical therapy, at least in the state of NY, usually requires a referral from a physician and several weeks or even months of treatment procedures. Our unique methods produce results in the first few visits!  This reduces your scheduling inconvenience and the cost of dozens of visits. Who has the time to spend HOURS at weekly therapy sessions?

How We help You

Woman holding on to her injured shoulder and suffering from upper back and neck pain

Injury management and rehabilitation

Not only will we make you feel better on your first session, but we will teach you what to do on your own to speed your recovery.   Professional athletes typically recover much faster than regular “joes.”  It is because they are rehabbing every day rather than 2-3X/week.  We customize your plan and give you every resource you need to perform a daily program, just like the pros!

Baseball player throwing a pitch

Injury prevention and improving athletic performance

We can detect asymmetries and imbalances that you didn’t know you had.  These imbalances are robbing you of athleticism and through our program you can easily undo these faults.  You will be retraining your brain to learn new movement patterns which are more efficient resulting in optimal performance. 

How is True Sport Care different from traditional physical therapy?

  1. You don’t need a medical referral to come see us: With traditional PT it might take weeks or even months before you can be seen by a physical therapist. The ordeal of heading to your MD and then getting a referral for PT can be time consuming.  Why not simply call, set up an appointment with one of our Doctors and get started straight away.  No script needed!
  2. Faster resolution of the issue:
    We are able to test 130 individual muscles and analyze specific movement patterns to find the root of the pain or reoccurring injuries.
  3. A multi-faceted approach:
    At True Sport Care, we employ the use of multiple techniques to help you treat the cause of pain. Your personalized sessions will include some or all of the following: corrective exercises, joint mobilization (chiropractic adjustments), soft tissue techniques, and a comprehensive custom home exercise program. This approach ensures that you see results and improvement faster than with traditional physical therapy.
  4. One-to-one specialist to patient ratio:
    When you come in for rehab at our office, you will always receive undivided attention from the specialist for the entire duration of the visit. Nothing will slip through the cracks during your visit and we will find the precise cause of your pain, injury or a way to improve your specific athletic performance.  No assistants, No aides, and no unattended therapies.  Even if you are exercising we WILL BE WATCHING!  Sounds creepy but it’s necessary for good rehab. 
  1. Non-traditional approach:
    We have fused many techniques to create our system of analysis and treatment which is like no other. If you didn’t get the results that you were seeking with traditional Physical Therapy, give us a call and let us show you what a difference we can make.
  2. Faster relief that lasts:
    Traditional PT is often prescribed 2-3 times a week for 6-8 weeks. After the treatment is over, the problems often return. In most cases, we can relieve pain within 3 visits. We address dysfunctional movement patterns that cause the issue in the first place and are able to prevent the problem from recurring in the future.
  3. Treatment and prevention of sports injuries:
    Most people turn to PT because of pain or injury. We fix the immediate issue that brought the athlete to our office and help prevent future injuries by analyzing and correcting muscular imbalances.
  4. Improved performance in sports:
    Our approach is focused on identifying muscular imbalances and dysfunctional movement patterns in athletes. As mentioned before, we are able to test 130 individual muscles to pick up on compensation patterns quickly. We approach every athletic move from a biomechanical standpoint and are able to break down even the most complex moves to identify underlying muscle weaknesses or compensation patterns. When these imbalances are corrected, our athletes can perform their moves more efficiently and improve their overall performance. 


We don’t believe in a “PROTOCOL” based approach.  We think WAY, way out of the box. We may even create a brand new exercise for your complaint based on what you do for a living or what it is that you desire to do for recreation.  We are thinkers and you get 100% of our brain power on each visit.   

The differences between our approach to providing effective care for our clients and traditional physical therapy should be very clear. By focusing on methods of healing and restoration that keep you out of our office, we can get you back in the game quickly. If you are in the Smithtown or Nesconset area and are looking for a new way to feel better and perform at your max, then give True Sport Care a call so that we can show you the difference. 

Sports and Athletes That We Work With

At True Sport Care, our goal is to provide comprehensive healing and restoration for anyone who is involved in athletic activities. That means anything from soccer and hockey to gymnastics, we have the knowledge and know-how to relieve pain, improve performance, and make your sport of choice the best experience possible. Short list of injuries in athletes that we work with:

  • ankle sprains, 
  • shin splints, 
  • hamstring strains and partial tears,
  • ACL prevention,
  • hip impingement,
  • Shoulder injuries,
  • Bursitis, 
  • Tendonitis, 
  • Impingement, 
  • Rotator cuff tears.  

Meet True Sport care and Chiropractic Team

Dr. Marc Taczanowski


Dr. Marc Taczanowski specializes in chiropractic care, sports medicine, injury prevention and management.
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Doctor Hope Miller

DR. Hope Miller, Chiropractor and Sports Medicine Practitioner at True Sport Care and Chiropractic


Dr. Hope Miller is a licensed chiropractor and sports medicine practitioner with a focus on injury care and rehab.
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Daniel Holland

Dr. Daniel Holland


Dr. Daniel Holland specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of sports injuries, soft tissue injuries, as well as spinal rehabilitation.
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Dr. James Pierre-Glaude

Dr. James Pierre-Glaude


Dr. James Pierre-Glaude is a dual credentialed licensed physical therapist and certified athletic trainer.
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let’s Get Started

What to Expect During Your Visit

During your sports rehab or physical therapy visit to True Sport Care in Nesconset you can expect to receive a comprehensive analysis and customized rehabilitation plan that will leave you feeling better after the first session.  

1. Health/Injury History Review

After introductions, we will mostly listen as many issues can reveal themselves with a solid history.  We may ask some leading questions but during this time we are getting a better idea of what we may be dealing with.  It’s a little like playing detective.  

2. Movement analysis

We will then run you through a unique analysis that will demonstrate weaknesses or imbalances that you didn’t know you had.  We will show you how some muscles are dependent on others which causes a “compensation pattern” and consequently pain.  

3. Treatment and Rehab Plan

After this discovery process we will reduce your pain with one of our many soft tissue techniques and/or joint mobilization, and then teach you the exercises needed to correct your imbalance.  Your customized rehab plan is supported by our YouTube channel and proprietary app which have video demonstrations of most of the exercises you will receive.  

4. You Will Feel Better

Our goal is to make you feel at least 40-50% better on your first visit.

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