Kinesio Taping in Smithtown

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Who should tape?

Any athlete who is looking for a competitive edge or is dealing with an issue that may not be fixed in time for a competition.

Benefits of kinesio taping


Many traditional taping techniques are meant to add stability to an injured area.  We always prefer to fix the stability issue with exercises but if you have a competition and the rehab is still new, taping can offer a boost.


Your body awareness.  This takes place in your joints, ligaments, muscles and tendons.  Taping stimulates these sensors so you are immediately more aware of your body position.  A definite edge for competition.

Pain Reduction

When your joints move better, you experience less pain.  Taping will encourage better joint movement thereby reducing the pain from a poorly moving joint.

Smithtown Sports Chiropractic

Kinesio taping is a must for any athlete who wants to move with greater ease and reduce issues with pain. By using proper taping techniques, our chiropractors and therapist can help you get back in the game by helping to control any detrimental joint movement. Kinesio taping is ideal for promoting improved movements of the joints to achieve maximum performance, especially when recovering from an injury.

Relieve pain fast

Return to competition sooner

Gain a performance edge

Stay strong and injury free

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Undivided doctor’s attention for the duration of your 30 or 60 minute session



Kinesio Tape




K-T Tape

happy Athletes Speak

Marc, with you at the Olympic Training Center leading up to the World Cup Supercross race at Chula Vista, you were the only person who could release the tightness in my glute. To this day I’m so thankful for all the pain you put me through lol! Thanks again for your support 🙂
-Amanda Carr

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