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Athletic Evaluation for Resilient Performance

Boost your athletic resilience with a head-to-toe assessment, personalized program, and expert guidance.

Our comprehensive evaluation covers every aspect, examining the athlete from head to toe to identify weaknesses, imbalances, and asymmetries that could lead to injuries down the line. But we don't stop at the assessment – we create a personalized program that complements your athletic training regimen. Our approach is tailored not only to the sport but to the individual athlete, ensuring a holistic, athlete-centric approach that fosters resilience.

Who will benefit from this Evaluation?

  • College athletes
  • High school athletes
  • Professional athletes of any age
  • Recreational athletes of any level who want to avoid injuries or rehabilitate the old ones.
  • Weekend warriors returning to activity after some time off.

What To Expect

During the appointment, you'll receive a full-body evaluation and a customized program designed to address your specific athletic needs. The evaluation usually takes about an hour (plus additional time to write the training and rehabilitation program.)

You will receive access to exercise videos that were picked by your sports medicine doctor to guide you through the routine.

The support doesn't end there – once you have completed our training program, we're just a virtual visit away for any necessary program adjustments.

Think of our service as Olympic-quality sports medicine support, delivered right here in Smithtown, NY. In the competitive landscape of sports, different levels of support exist, evolving from high school to college and beyond. Our athlete evaluation brings you the kind of support that professionals and Olympians rely on, designed to nurture a smarter body, prevent injuries and achieve peak in-season performance.

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3 Easy steps

To Feeling, Performing and Functioning at Your Best


Schedule an Appointment

Schedule your first appointment to receive a thorough evaluation of your issue and your first treatment.

Step 2

Customized Plan

You’ll have the doctors undivided attention for the duration of your session. You will receive a combination of soft tissue work, joint mobilization and athlete-specific therapeutic exercises.

Step 3


Quickly get out of pain, recover from injuries and get back in the game. We will help you gain an athletic edge and always perform and feel at your best.