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Dr. Marc Taczanowski


Dr. Marc Taczanowski specializes in chiropractic care, sports medicine, injury prevention and management. He has published many articles on these topics and lectures to local running groups, and athletic organizations in an effort to educate the sports community.

  • 1 of 2 Chiropractors selected from the USA to be part of the medical staff for the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia.
  • Certified EMT-B, May 2017
  • Certified in Neurokinetic Therapy Level II – 2015
  • Certified in Muscle Activation Technique, Jumpstart Program, October 2015
  • Certified in Functional Range Conditioning, September 2015
  • (DACBSP) Diplomate in Sports Medicine, April 2013 – The only male to hold this distinction on Long Island
  • USBSF Medical Staff for the 2013 FIBT World Championships, St. Moritz, Switzerland
  • Consultant to the (USBSF) US Bobsled and Skeleton Federation for the 2012 FIBT World Championships February 2012
  • US Olympic Internship – Lake Placid, NY, October 2011
  • Level 1 Sport Performance Coach – USA Weightlifting, September 2013
  • NKT Level 1 Practitioner, August 2013
  • TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Module I for Medical Professionals – February 2011
  • US Olympic Internship – Chula Vista, CA, September 2010
  • Active Release Technique – Biomechanics Designation, July 2010
  • Fascial Conference – University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, May 2010
  • FAKTR-PM – Technique Certification, 2009
  • Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), 2009
  • Active Release Technique – Ironman Provider, 2009
  • Active Release Technique – Masters Designation, 2009
  • Certified in Selective Functional Movement Analysis(SFMA), 2009
  • Certified in the Functional Movement Screen (FMS), 2008
  • Certified in Kinesiotaping, 2008
  • Certified in the Graston Technique, 2007
  • Certified in the ART Nerve Entrapment Protocol, 2006
  • Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician, 2005
  • Certified in the Active Release Technique (ART), 2005
  • Certified in Electrodiagnostic Testing, 1997-1998
  • Graduate of Life University, 1996
  • Pre-requisite completion at SUNY Farmingdale, 1992
  • Graduate of Commack High School, Varsity Soccer and Tennis 1989
  • Enjoys tennis, golf, soccer, volleyball, and weight training

Latest Articles by Dr. Marc Taczanowski, Smithtown Chiropractor and Sports Medicine Practitioner

Athlete holding a knee because of the overuse knee injury and pain

Overuse Injuries: Learn what NOT to do

Do overuse injuries keep your sidelined? Typical treatments and rest don’t offer longterm solutions? Start by asking the right questions and finding the true source of the injury – in your underused muscles and compensatory patterns.
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Man sitting at chiropractor's office complaining of chronic pain

The Power of Patterns: Transforming Daily Habits to Combat Chronic Pain

Discover how your everyday habits and patterns could be contributing to chronic pain or recurring injuries. Our case studies show that by investigating routines and making changes to the daily overused patterns our patients are able to get out of chronic pain for good. Are your daily activities contributing to your chronic pain?
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Athlete Injury Recovery

Athlete Injury Recovery

Discover a game-changing approach to athlete injury recovery. Fast-track healing, effective soft-tissue techniques, and injury prevention strategies to ensure athletes spend less time sidelined and more time in the game. Save time and money while keeping your sports season on track!
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Pickleball Players playing on an outdoor court in Smithtown NY

How to Prevent Common Pickleball Injuries

Are you an avid pickleball player? Learn how to prevent most common pickleball injuries and maximize your time on the court with these simple and effective exercises.
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Man with good form working his shoulders at the gym

Your Form Sucks! Pro Gym Workout Tips to Avoid Injuries and See better Results

Stop focusing on your form at the gym! Use our expert workout tips instead to find weaknesses in your body and your training program. You will get better training results, avoid aches and pains as well as prevent injuries.
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Family and sport chiropractor in Smithtown performing a spinal adjustment

Family and Sport Chiropractic: 4 Differences You Should Know About

Learn how to choose between family chiropractic vs sport chiropractic care and the most important questions you should ask your doctor before your first visit.
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Structure vs. Function

Ever wonder why some surgeries (not all) are unsuccessful? Here is the topic of discussion for the week. Traditional medicine, …
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The “Weakly” Muscle – The Transversus Abdomens (TVA)

ORIGIN: Inner surface of the 7th-12th cartilages of the ribs, the deep layers of the thoracolumbar fascia, the anterior two-thirds …
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