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the number one organization in the world dedicated to understanding how the body functions with the swing of a golf club and how it can be improved

TPI leads the world in research and data on golf fitness, health and swing biomechanics. TPI Professionals are the first to receive the newest information. The certification shows that the professional has reached a level of golf fitness expertise that surpasses – and continues to surpass – the competition. The CGFI course is designed to teach the doctor how to identify and overcome any physical restrictions that are limiting your patients potential. For more detailed information pertaining to this certification, visit www.mytpi.com.

This is a three level education course designed to teach you how to identify and overcome any physical restrictions that are limiting your student’s potential. Each workshop features the latest in golf-specific health and fitness, from golf swing biomechanics, to physical screening techniques, to exercise prescriptions, to the most recent research and development in the field of golf swing analysis.

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