P Stands For Princess: The Evolution of Pitching in Softball

Softball pitchers have become utility players on the field. When they’re not throwing, they’re performing elsewhere on the field, making them that much more valuable, but also that much more susceptible to injury. Learn modern biomechanical changes in pitching technique that are designed to diminish injury rates in pitchers.

Safe exercises during pregnancy

Exercising During Pregnancy- the How’s and the Why’s

Exercising during pregnancy is extremely important to the health of both the mother and baby. In this article, we will discuss some of the common myths regarding staying fit during pregnancy and provide some great tips for expecting mothers to keep their bodies strong and ready for this special time in life.

Man with good form working his shoulders at the gym

Your Form Sucks! Pro Gym Workout Tips to Break Through

Stop focusing on your form at the gym! Use our expert workout tips instead to find weaknesses in your body and your training program. You will get better training results, avoid aches and pains as well as prevent injuries.

Person sitting in front of a computer and experiencing hand numbness and pain

Hand Numbness and Tingling: a Surprising Reason to See a Chiropractor

Many people would be surprised at how often chiropractors can help patients suffering from hand numbness and tingling. Nerves can sometimes get caught up in tight muscles or the tight muscles themselves can cause the feeling of a body part “falling asleep.”

Prenatal chiropractor performing an adjustment on a woman during pregnancy

5 Reasons You Should See a Chiropractor During Pregnancy

From alleviating discomfort and strange aches and pains during pregnancy to preparing the body for labor, a prenatal chiropractor can be a crucial part of a healthy pregnancy. Discover what to expect from a chiropractic visit at every stage of pregnancy and how to choose the right doctor for you

Structure vs. Function

Ever wonder why some surgeries (not all) are unsuccessful? Here is the topic of discussion for the week. Traditional medicine, specifically Orthopedic Surgery is more rooted in structure rather than function. A surgeon will take an imaging study and compare it to what “normal” looks like. If there is a discrepancy, they know that they … Read more