The “Weakly” Muscle – The Soleus


Posterior surface of the proximal fibula and the soleal line of the tibia.


Dorsum (front) of the calcaneus via the calcaneal tendon or Achilles Tendon.


Plantar flexion of the talocrural joint and plantar flexion of the foot. (Toes pointed position)


Interestingly enough, this muscle has a referral point in the same sided SI joint. Additionally it can cause plantar fascia pain, heel pain, shin splints, and knee pain.


Athletes often complain of “tight calves.” Many even experience cramping in this area. Consider cramping to be “neurological confusion.” We are not talking about exertional cramps like heat cramps. We are talking about the odd night time cramp, or a cramp when making a muscle. The body does not know how to fire the muscle in that position and the only way is over fire and send extra input to the area which results in tetany or a cramp. The associate structures with the soleus muscle are the Plantar Fascia, Hamstring, Long and Short Toe Flexors, Tibialis Posterior, Glutes, and Low back. Essentially anything on the posterior chain of the body can relate to the Soleus.