The “Weakly” Muscle – The Levator Scapulae


Lateral most structure (Transverse Process) of the top 4 vertebrae in the neck. (C1-C4)


Upper, Inner border of your wing bone. (Superior angle to the medial border of the scapula)


Elevates the scapula medially and inclines the head ipsilaterally. If you turn your head slightly to one side and then try and shrug your shoulder, you should feel the Levator Scapula engage.


Trigger points in the Levator can refer pain to the red stippled area in the picture.


This is the most common area in the body to experience “knots.” Poor ergonomics or extensive sitting will create a forward head posture. This leads to over stretching the Levator for prolonged periods of time creating weakness. Its referral pain patter resembles that of a cervical disc dysfunction with peri-scapular symptoms. It is worthwhile to get this muscle checked out if you experience any pain, numbness or tingling around your wing bone.

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