The “Weakly” Muscle – The ITB (Iliotibial Band)

ORIGIN: A muscular origin where 25% comes from the TFL and 75% comes from the Glute Max. It courses down the lateral aspect of the thigh and also originates on the ilium (hip crest) INSERTION: The lateral condyle of the tibia. This is the bony projection just inferior to the knee. ACTION: This is a … Read more

The “Weakly” Muscle – The Rhomboid

ORIGIN: Spinous process of the vertebrae T1-T5. (Dead center in your spine just below your neck) INSERTION: Medial margin of the scapula inferior to the scapular spine. (The inside border of your chicken bone) ACTION: Stabilization, retraction, elevation and internal rotation of the scapula. REFERRED PAIN: In the one picture you can see the “X’s.” … Read more

The “Weakly” Muscle – The Gluteus Medius

ORIGIN: External surface of the ilium between the anterior and posterior gluteal lines. If you feel your hip crest and go just inferiorly, you should feel the Glute Med. INSERTION: Lateral surface of the greater trochanter of the femur. The widest part of you hips, where the bone proturdes is your greater trochanter. ACTION: Abduction … Read more

The “Weakly” Muscle – Runners Knee

I have to be honest, even though this group of conditions are all pretty similar, I chose “Runners Knee” as the title because I figured it would tantalize many of you who like to torture yourselves with this repetitive stress. All kidding aside most patellar tendon stress is caused by? Wait for it… A MUSCULAR … Read more

The “Weakly” Muscle – Overpronation

A total “hot-button” topic amongst those of you who run, or attempt to run. Throughout this blog I’ll probably offend Podiatrists, running store owners, and those of you who have already had success with their “patches.” Rest assured, I would never encourage fixing something if it ain’t broken. This is just educational info which I … Read more

The “Weakly” Muscle – Ice vs. Heat

In this corner, weighing in at 57.2 pounds per cubic foot, with a record of 10 wins and 10 losses with all 10 of those wins due to frostbite, IIIIIIIICE! (Ice enters ring to the sound of “DUN DUN DUN DUDDLE UN DUN” If you are not sure what the hell that was, it was … Read more

The “Weakly” Muscle – The Adductors

SPECIAL NOTE: Before I even begin, the adductors (All 6 of them if you count the adductor magnus as 2 based on its orientation and torsion) are typically lumped into the one category of “Adductor,” which in my opinion is a huge problem. There is only one machine at the gym designed to work your … Read more

The “Weakly” Muscle – The Levator Scapulae

ORIGIN: Lateral most structure (Transverse Process) of the top 4 vertebrae in the neck. (C1-C4) INSERTION: Upper, Inner border of your wing bone. (Superior angle to the medial border of the scapula) ACTION: Elevates the scapula medially and inclines the head ipsilaterally. If you turn your head slightly to one side and then try and … Read more

The “Weakly” Muscle – Plantar Fasciitis

ORIGIN: The plantar fascia or plantar aponeurosis is a long thin fibrous band that extends from the heel to the digits on the plantar or underside of the foot. The plantar fascia is of great strength and supports the arch. It is divided into three portions. The thickest is the central portion which attaches to … Read more